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gweike cloud RF金属管レーザーカッター&彫刻機 ロータリー付き

gweike cloud RF金属管レーザーカッター&彫刻機 ロータリー付き

通常価格 $4,299.00
セール価格 $4,299.00 通常価格 $4,799.00
セール 売り切れ
Product Parameters
Laser Power High precision RF 38W
Machine Dimensions 38.2"*22.2"*9.2" (970mm*565mm*234.5mm)
Processing Area 20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm)
Maxinum working height 20"(51mm)
Rotary Engraving diameter 30mm-74mm
Rotary Engraving Length ≤245mm
Camera support
Weight 45.6kg
software Gweikecloud Web Based,Gweikecloud Offline, Lightburn
Connection / Transmission Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
Supported File Type SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
Power Supply AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz
Gross Power 550W
Noise Rating ≤70dB
Max. Carving Speed 1200mm/S
Precision 0.0004" (0.01mm)
Laser Tube Life 20000hours
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1. 内蔵水冷装置
2. 排気ファン, ≤70dB
3. 内蔵エアコンプレッサー, ≤70dB
4. 500万画素カメラ、プレビューデザインと視覚位置付け
5. ハニカムパネル、20.08" (510mm)*11.8" (300mm)
6. 素材パッケージ:バスウッド*5、アクリル*5、厚紙*5
7. GweikCloudネットワークソフトウェアは、無料のオンラインデザインライブラリとコントロールマザーボードのアップグレードを持っています


素材 :MDF

パワー: 80%

速度:1200 mm/s

  • RF metal tube frequency tube laser engrvaing machine has a fine spot of 0.07mm.
  • More than 3 times finer than glass tube, delivers higher precision.
  • Small thermal diffusion area, and can engrave/cut very fine works.
  • CO2 glass tube laser engraving machine has a coarse light spot of 0.25mm.
  • Poor accuracy, unstable light output (uneven light intensity, sometimes no light).
  • Large heat diffusion area, melting and blackening of the cutting edge, and poor engraving accuracy.

Gweike Cloudマテリアルであなたの作品をもっと輝く

アクリル、木板、ゴム、革、金属などを使って艺术 を作る
  • ガラス
  • コーティング金属
  • 合板
  • 食品
  • ゴム
  • アクリル
  • 皮革
  • 岩石





風速の大幅な向上と風量の増加により、煙や排気ガスの除去が容易になります。 生産工程で発生する空気の滞留問題を効果的に解決。


通常の印刷時、gweike cloudの平均騒音レベルは約70 dB(A)です。より静かなファンを搭載し、リアルタイム温度に応じて速度を自動調整することで、約16 dB(A)[3]の騒音レベル低減を実現しました。



球体、傾斜面、曲面、異なる高さのオブジェクトに彫刻することができます。それはダイヤモンド、木およびアクリル、等の 3D イメージを作成できます。

  • 3D彫刻
  • ボトムフィード設計
  • Cloud オンライン操作
  • 無料オンラインデザイン


  • 技術仕様
  • gweike cloud VS glowforge
  • 材料 切断&彫刻

レーザー出力 38W


寿命 20000h

セーフティ・ガード クラスI(FDA認証)


作業テーブルエリア 20.08" (510mm)*11.47" (290mm)

最大作業高さ (ハニカムなし) 2" (51mm)

作業台表面 黒(特殊な表面加工技術により、焦げ跡や変色を軽減します)


最大彫刻速度 1200mm/s

彫刻精度 0.001mm

騒音定格 ≤70dB


ロータリー彫刻直径 30mm-74mm

ロータリー彫刻長さ ≤245mm


カメラ 対応


コントロール・ソフトウェア Gweikecloud Web Based,Gweikecloud Offline, Lightburn

接続/送信 Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

対応ファイル SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.

デザイン・ソフトウェア AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google AutoDraw, etc.


電源 AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz

作業消費電力(ファンなし) 550W

非動作時温度 0~45°C

相対湿度 5~90°C

使用環境温度 0~35°C


機械寸法 38.2"*22.2"*9.2" (970mm*565mm*234.5mm)

重量 45.6kg


総重量 58kg


カメラ:5MP超広角カメラ 広角&マクロ




Gweike Cloud ユーザーの声

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good laser with the possibility of improvement

The order was very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately there were a few problems and delays with delivery. I finally received the laser. The laser was very well packaged and had no damage during shipping. Unfortunately, the insert was slightly bent, so that the limit switch was not activated and the insert was rubbing on the underside of the honeycomb. That shouldn't happen at this price and I would have liked a little more quality here. After testing for a week, the laser otherwise appears to be working without any problems. Only calibrating the camera with Light Burn didn't work and the response from support was just to use an older version of Light Burn. In general, communication with Light Burn is a bit bumpy and could definitely be improved. Unfortunately, the Air Assist sucks in some smoke inside the housing, which increases the contamination of the lens. A real compressor could definitely be installed here with air intake from outside the machine. Unfortunately there is no red dot laser installed to improve positioning. That's why I think it's a good machine but there's also room for improvement.

RF Laser

Ordered the RF laser in early June and received it in Miami in July. Customer service was excellent all the way through the process, including helping with a delivery problem from the local shipping company who became a problem as they would show up to deliver when I wasn't home and I never knew what day they were coming. Customer service at Gweikecloud helped resolve the issue.

This is my first Laser Engraver. I'm still learning to master it but have created some beautiful products. Customer service again is first class (a WhatsApp Group Chat) and they are fast to answer any and all questions.

Some in the USA might have reservations about ordering a laser from China, but I can say customer service has been better than many US companies. Don't let that keep you from considering this engraving machine.

Martin Stefko

This is excellent device I like rotary attachment to grave my Mead bottles. Bee sweet home

david hagen
well constructed laser, focusing is overly complicated

The laser is built very well and so far is very accurate. However, the focusing is complicated. You have to subtract the thickness of the material from some number then move focus the laser the difference. Using lightburn to get get to focus you need is not intuitive. So for 3mm plywood, I set the focus to 12.8. It would be nice if the controlling software did all the math for you. The laser should know how far away the lens is from the base, what the focus distance is from the lens to the material surface. I don’t know how far the focus distance is. Basically the focusing is complicated with this laser and not intuitive and how it translate into a focus distance in lightburn. It seem designed around using gweike material with a barcode on it, using it without that and lightburn is complicated to focus.

Second there is not much space for thicker material.

I don’t know why there is an exhaust fan i. the exhaust port since you hook up to an external fan anyways it seems redundant and an impediment to air flow.

It is a very good laser it just has some quirks particular in the focusing that make it more complicated then it needs to be when using it with lightburn.

Tony G
RF Metal Laser

Everything was as described on Sexy Cyborg youtube.
The benefit of the RF tube is no water to deal with and worry about freezing (I am in Maryland) but, cutting is more limited. Weight the pro's & cons of each for your use.
The only thing that would be nice a galv bed so you can use magnets to hold down material. The bed that shipped with the unit is Alum.
Have not used the Gweike Cloud since the location of the machine does not have internet.
Works great with Light Burn.